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At ExcelTechies we love our employees and we provide friendly Environmentat the work place, where they can feel like working at their home. We understandthe human relations so we don’t look employees from the business point of view.We give them the opportunity to work in their innovative style and value their ideas,through which we not only respect their ideas but we help them grow and be inthe competition always. We hire people whoare smart and determined, and we favor ability over experience. We strive tomaintain the open culture often associated with start ups, in which everyone isa hands-on contributor and feels comfortable sharing ideas and opinions.

Challenges : ExcelTechies Create challenging but attainable performance goals mutuallyagreed upon by manager and employee. Conduct evaluations that are updatedregularly. Leadership. Inspire employees to do well. Encourage team spirit.Respect employees and their opinions. Promote diversity. Encourage employees totake leadership. Build strong relationships based on trust.

Rewards and recognition: ExcelTechies Provide competitive and equitable salaries. Implementperformance-based compensation. Provide bonuses for excellent performance.Regularly recognize individuals and groups.

Training and education:ExcelTechies Promote employee development. Wetrain consultants with the upgraded technology. Encourage employees to shareexpertise.

Work environment: Encourage creativity and brainstorming in a comfortable and safesetting. Provide balance between work and personal needs.